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Thursday, March 31, 2011


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Booo, Hershey! You know where my hubby works, so I have to say that! If you are going to indulge, try some Dove or pretzel M&M's or Snickers PB Squared - he actually created the machine that gets the PB in it!
I'm just kidding. I'm trying to get into a better fitness routine, too. Posting on the flickr scraphappy site has helped me some. Take care...always enjoy reading your tales.


i gave up chocolate for lent. those chocolates are making my mouth water. i will have to try them in about 3 weeks. i did catch the last few minutes of idol last night. all 3 of the bottom 3 could have gone home. i love pia, and lauren, and rocker guy.

Sara Rossi

I've been trying to be better about being healthy but don't deny myself a litle chocolate. The trick is to keep it "little". Those bites sound yummy....must resist when going shopping! ;) Going to check out the A-Z blog!

Sharon Mayhew

The chocolates look divine...I'm doing an acid reflux diet for a few weeks...NO CHOCOLATE. Boy it's hard. :(

I stopped in with the A-Z challenge. :) Happy blogging and exercising...

Title Loans

Don't tell me that there are chocolate pieces like that out there! I have been so good on not eating it (my face has cleared, too) that this is the worst news for me! And my summer, "bikini" body!


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